Forrest Green Concave Mirror

Forrest Green Concave Mirror

Code: 10329


Di: 100cm (39.4")

£7,000.00 + VAT Approx $8894.54, €8177.57

Have you seen our newest design and Statement making Bespoke Concave Mirrors! Wow! If you are really looking to make an impact in a a room and something a little different from the norm, I think this mirror may be the one for you.

In this image we have our Forrest Green Concave Mirror.

The mirror is mounted on a purpose made metal frame, the brackets the mirrors sit on are chrome played steel , the coloured mirror itself is made of laminated safety glass, it is  backed with black felt and has a black lead lining around its edge 
Plain silver or antiqued available

All our mirrors are made here in the UK, so should be no delays on a 3-4 week lead time, unlike if you are trying to import similar items from abroad that also may not meet to UK safety standards.

As all are mirrors are handmade so you may see some flaws in the glass with the concave mirrors as everything is magnified, but we have not had any complaints so far.